Exchanging for coins is not the only way to provide yourself with full-fledged coupons. On sale 11.11, they can be won in games or simply received in the store. There are several types of coupons

World Shopping Day on Ali

Under the cut, information about the stages of the sale on Ali. In case of cancellation of the order and blocking of the account, the money will be returned to you, from 1 to 30 working days. We receive coupons for new accounts at our own peril and risk, unless of course you are a new user. They can also be won in games (game reviews are below) Aliexpress provides $1 coupons from $10, $10 coupons from $69 and special coupons for $2, $6 and $10 (maybe closer to November 11th, the coupon values ​​will change).
Coupons can be obtained in exchange for coins, link 5 $3 Off $15 Off $15 Only On Items Shipped https://jiji.ng/buses/toyota-coaster By AliExpress (Handled by AliExpress) (Product Collection 1, Product Collection 2) Can Be Claimed Under Ships From Aliexpress. AliExpress coupons are the most interesting, they can be applied to any product, the main thing is that the total amount of the purchase is equal to or exceeds the face value of the coupon from which it will be valid. Seller coupons, unlike AliExpress coupons, are only valid in a specific store. Recently, Aliexpress blocks multi-accounts, tracking by IP / payment card number (it is better to pay with WebMoney, Yandex money), full name. The number of coupons available for purchase is updated at the beginning of each hour, in order to have time to exchange coins for the desired coupon, try pressing the button a few moments before the new hour. If you are a new user, then you have the opportunity to get a $4 coupon that is valid for purchases over $5 link.