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Hmmm, wonder what PayPal knows that Kitces and Alan don’t….also, all this talk about fee’s on vehicles and then $600 + 1.5% of assets just to collect payment doesn’t sit well at all. The XY Planning Network is comprised of more than 500 advisors whose niche is Generation X and Y clients. By submitting your details, you are agreeing to receive communications about Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting resources, events, products, or services. Get anytime, anywhere online access to CS Professional Suite and select Microsoft® products in the cloud. Access detailed data that gives you helpful insight into your business, and take advantage of easy-to-use custom formatting options.

Customer-driven design, innovative technology and agile delivery ensure that RedBlack’s products continuously evolve to meet the demand of customers, the industry and the market. It’s hard to imagine the days of financial planning and portfolio management without technology. Independent advisers, registered representatives, and accountants have come to rely on sophisticated financial software designed to help them devise appropriate investment and retirement plans for clients. For RIAs, Envestnet purchased Tamarac in 2014, which began life as a terrific portfolio rebalancer that spread out horizontally until they could support everything from soup to nuts that an advisor would want to manage their investment portfolios. Envestnet has also launched marketplaces to connect insurance and lending providers with advisors and collect fees on transactions.

RIA Advisory is a Business and Technology Advisory Consulting firm that specializes in the field of Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare and Public Sector/Tax. As the name “RIA – Recognize, Innovate & Accelerate” suggests, our services involve performing a thorough research of the client’s pain-points and needs, finding innovative solutions and then, working with diligence to accelerate the plan on the path to success. I’ve run my own wealth management marketing firm for the past 12 years, which means I recognize the necessity of pushing past the jargon and using the information available to make the right decision for your firm.

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Two years ago, I published an article titled,Comparing The Best Digital Advice “Robo-Advisor” Platforms For RIAs. In it I said that it would probably be my last article about digital advice because all of the vendors were expanding their functionality to become end-to-end wealth management platforms. The largest wealth management technology platform provider, Envestnet, was formed by a merger in 2004 when they acquired another turnkey provider called Net Asset Management. This eventually led to (and I’m skipping a lot of time and iterations) what was called the ENV2 platform and is now just referred to as the Envestnet Enterprise platform, which targets the institutional segment and probably has the largest market share.

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Turnkey asset management programs are used by financial advisers and broker-dealers to oversee their clients’ accounts. Orion Advisor ria billing software solutions bought Advizr in 2019 and turned it into Orion Financial Planning, seeing impressive growth over the last few years.