The spool allows you to install line up to 2 mm thick, but, in my opinion, the thicker the line, the heavier and stiffer it is, and therefore more fragile. The box easily fits into the trunk of a passenger car. Weight without battery is 3.3 kg Actually, there is nothing special to assemble: we connect the two parts of the shaft and fix it with two screws, then we snap the second part of the protection and fasten it with two screws, put the D-shaped handle under our height and attract it with two screws.
On the one hand, the price is psychologically lower, on the other hand, you can already have both charging and battery. We have a cardboard box measuring 24 × 26 × 89 cm. That’s it… the assembly is finished, you can mow: the manufacturer even wound a small piece of fishing line on the spool. The battery and charger are not included.

The total length of the trimmer when assembled is 162 cm, the cutting width is 33 cm. The trimmer itself is divided into two halves inside, a D-shaped handle, screws and a piece of protection are separately in the package, only to make it more compact, instructions and keys … everything! ) This spool has a very simple winding: to do this, align the holes for the fishing line with the arrows on the spool, take a piece of fishing line, about 3-4 meters long, and simply insert it into the spool through and through so that the whiskers remain the same length and twist the upper part spools – actually sounds more complicated than it is. I remember winding the line in the last gasoline trimmers that I used, this is really a hassle: at the same time hold the reel, press the spring and try to have time to snap the cover.

Ryobi OLT1833 18V ONE Brushless Cordless Trimmer