Audi Q7 tips

Condensation turned out to be frozen in the exhaust pipes. A slight rattling in the suspension – the cause was not found at the service. 11.01.2010 The machine was purchased at the end of 2008. Consumption is excellent: 10.5-11 liters in the city without traffic jams.

Audi Q7 tips

Very comfortable, family car, it really needs […]

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Vidguki about Dacia Nova

27.12.2008 Buying a car in 2003 was taken very seriously. The cabin is warm. Then I installed Amtel Planet 165/70R13. I install Gislaved Nord Frost 3 for the winter. When driving on the highway at a speed of 110, I kept within the passport 5.5 liters. per 100 km. At that time for such money […]

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