Can You Use A Top Coat As A Base Coat?

Not permitting each layer of Lacquer to dry previous to making use of Top Coat could cause contamination. Make positive your Lacquer is reconstituted with Revive previous to software. This will help the Lacquer glide on vs. having to brush time and again. Do not over-brush; as an alternative, use the fewest strokes to cover the nail plate.

Also, all the time remember to maintain the neck of the bottle clean and close the cap tightly. If you’re utilizing gel couture, make sure to make use of the distinctive gel couture high coat. Dazzle Dry adheres well to well-conditioned nails versus dry/brittle nails. No, Dazzle Dry will safely and simply be eliminated with acetone or non-acetone polish remover. We recommend utilizing DD Remove Acetone with Lemongrass + Clove or DD Remove Non-Acetone with Eucalyptus + Spearmint for greatest results.

Provides A Shiny Sheen To Your Nails

Saturate lint-free cotton pad with Nail Prep – scrub every nail. Be conscious of not applying too closely in order that the Lacquer doesn’t roll to 1 side or pool. Skip encapsulation of the free edge if nails are quick. Dazzle Dry Lacquers, Top Coat and Transform Ridge Filler don’t thicken because of oxidation however thicken as a result of evaporation of the risky solvents.